BAILI Safety Razor (Double Edge Classic)

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What’s included?

  • 1x Three Pieces Safety Razor
  • 1x Platinum Japanese Blade
  • 1x Portable Mirrored Travel Case

Shaving with a safety razor will eliminate the skin irritation and give your face a clean healthy look!

This is BAILI high quality Butterfly twist-to-open, quick blade change safety razor.

Using premium high-end Zinc Alloy material with chrome coating to made of, looks noble and elegant. Our Unique micro-comb system design provides excellent close shave experience and extra safety (reduce accidental cuts) during shaving.

Avoid dry shaving! Which is the fastest ways to mess with your skin as it often leads to bleeding and razor burn. In order to get a smooth shave, we suggest splash your face with hot water at least, to soften your bristly hairs and open your pores.


Here’s 4 Essential Steps To Shaving!

  1. Before shave, Splash your face with hot water to soften your bristly hairs. Use a wash cloth to pat dry. Use a pre-shave essential oil to prepare a smooth razor glide for your hairy face.
  2. Lather Up, Use a badger brush to apply shaving cream or lather up with some traditional shaving soap.
  3. Shave, Dip a clean, sharp blade in hot water, avoid applying pressure and shave with the grain. Try adjusting the angle to find out the most suitable ways for your skin. Wash your blade often.
  4. Moisturize, Use after-shave balm to revitalize and soothe your newly smooth, dry skin.

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